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In use


Available: 2018

Building Overview

The Paris building is a class A office building, with a height of GF + 1 and a leasable area of ​​10,077 sqm.

It has large surfaces on each level, easily and with maximum efficiency compartmentalizable The building is fully operational and undergoing BREEAM certification, aiming for "Excellent" grade.

  • 10.077sqm

    Leasable Area

  • 4.672sqm

    Leasable Area on current floor

  • 10 minutes

    to the center of Bucharest, by car

  • 1 minute

    to the subway

  • 200 parking spaces

Building Highlights

  • Lowest add-on rate on local market, for top space efficiency (5%)
  • Architecture layout allowing maximum natural light
  • Up to 4.600 sqm/floor; suitable environment for communication
  • Floor-to-ceiling heights on typical floor: 2,82 m
  • Solid core with metal facing fire rated panels
  • Top parking spaces ratio (1:45 sqm ratio)

Class-A specifications

Innovative VRV system

3 m free height, above the standards of existing buildings in the city

Technical raised floor 15 cm

Natural lighting of all workspaces

Acoustic ceiling

Customized office spaces with deliverable fit-out

Dedicated technical rooms for server, storage and service area

Advanced BMS system

24/7 security personnel

Up-ground parking spaces

Stand-by power generator for life safety

Attractive design of common areas

Green Building

Up to 35% reduced HVAC consumption by using rotary heat exchanger for fresh air

Up to 25% lower power consumption by using LEDs with 120 lm/W and light sensor standard lightening

Electrical car charging sockets provided

Up to 30% energy saving by using state-of-the-art HVAC systems

Up to 15% low utility bills through the integrated BMS control system

„BREEAM” Certification (in process of obtaining for in use phase)

Partitioning options

Tenant simulation:

  • Floor
  • 2
  • GF
  • 3

Approximate areas:

Parter, 3 chiriași
A 2290 mp
B 295 mp
C 1972 mp
Floor, 2 tenants
A 2640 sqm
B 2022 sqm


Sema Parc | The Concept

The main feature of the Master Plan is a central axis, traversing the site from west to east. It is defined by a series of major open spaces, plazas, squares, green areas, each with spatial characteristics of their own.

Two focal points mark the end of this axis: toward the west, a landmark tower with a height of 30 stores forms part of the curved elevation, signaling the Sema Parc entry to the outside.

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