Project Background

Sema Parc site is located in District 6 of Bucharest, comprising a total area of roughly 41 ha.

The precinct is well connected to the major road network as well as to public transport. It is bordered by the Dambovita River to the north, a major university development is in the southern neighborhood.

The site covers some 1,050 m in east-west direction and stretches some 710 m at its greatest width, and it is generally flat at a mean elevation of between 75.50 to 76.50 above sea level. On the western perimeter, a steep slope rises some 3 m to connect to the surrounding ground. Towards the west, beyond the Soseaua Virtutii, the land rises over 11 m to reach an elevated position (91.00 NN) with excellent views on Lacul Morii and the city.

Plot area40.8  ha

Overall GFA965k sqm

Retail GFA93k sqm

Residential GBA305k sqm

Office GFA526k sqm

Master Plan | The Concept

The main feature of the Master Plan is a central axis, traversing the site from west to east. It is defined by a series of major open spaces, plazas, squares, green areas, each with spatial characteristics of their own.

Two focal points mark the end of this axis: toward the west, a landmark tower with a height of 30 stores forms part of the curved elevation, signaling the Sema Parc entry to the outside. The eastern focus will be highlighted by a special architectural design, entering a dialogue with its western counterpart

The central axis is flanked on both sides by an intense development containing mixed uses. The northern sections are mainly reserved for office functions, while the building patterns in the south contain large shares of residential. Both development sections show higher densities at a medium building height of 6 stores.

The development has two major frontages: towards the west, a spectacular elevation will signal the project to visitors arriving from the west. Along the Dambovita, the building frontage reflects the significance of this important inner urban axis.

The Rim

The Sema Parc development has two major elevations to the outside city. These flanks are defined by a rim development of office buildings and blocks with a depth of some 40 to 45 meter. The western elevation welcomes the visitor entering in Sema Parc from this direction, while the Dambovita elevation provides the backdrop for the canal as an important urban element.

The height of the rim buildings varies between a “base” of 8 floors and several higher complexes of 14 floors, dispersed throughout the rim. On four location landmark buildings of more than 30 floors serve as visual anchor points.

The architectural treatment corresponds to a contemporary office architecture, using glass, steel and high-tech materials.

The pace for the design has been set by the two buildings already implemented (Riverplace, currently in CA IMMO portfolio), to be continued in the remaining rim development by London & Oslo office buildings.

The Shopping Village

Sema Parc is encircled by some shopping malls within a 3 km radius. Our concept is to develop an “urban village“ situation with shops, galleries, restaurants, cafe-shops on ground floor and first floor seemed an attractive option, able to add to a vigorous urban life and value to the project.

In this sense, the western quadrant was designed in a village type manner with smaller, covered passages, squares, arcades and an attractive image on the pedestrian level. Architectural treatment would build on stone elevations. The upper floors are reserved for office or residential use. The area is separated into two parts, located on both sides of the esplanade. Here the multi-purpose building is situated as an eyecatcher, tying in with the east-west axis.

The area is separated into two parts, located on both sides of the esplanade. Here the multi-purpose building is situated as an eyecatcher, tying in with the east-west axis.

A total of 53,000sqm GFA retail area is accommodated in the shopping village including the multi-purpose building.

The Eastern Centre

The eastern center is labelled as “Fun & Entertainment” as it houses functions entirely different from the rest of Sema Parc. The idea is to supplement the prevailing uses of offices, residential and shopping by supplying space for activities associated with urban sports, entertainment, leisure and social interactions.

Functions to be accommodated: beauty and wellness, congress and convention, sports & fitness center. The building complex is accentuated by a medium rise tower of 18 floors, making the center visible from all directions.

The Business Zone - The Office Buildings

The Business Park consists of a series of office buildings already built (Riverplace) buildings), in the process of construction (London & Oslo), newly refurbished (Bruxelles, Berlin & Paris) or with different destinations now than designated (logistics, warehouse, class B office buildings).

While the predominant function is the use of an office park, selected locations should allow for shops, services, restaurants etc. on ground and first floor.

This will help create an attractive work environment and balance the dynamics of the place at the end of the office work schedule.

Residential Zone

A development based on a modular hexagonal layout, the Residential area allows for optimal building density while providing ample green areas and natural-scale landscaped surroundings.

The garden level of the complex is entirely car-free, as the main circulations are kept perimetral and the parking space is provided by a capacious 1 & 2-level basements that spans under the entire development and provides direct access to the buildings above.

The green space between buildings is organized into landscaped interconnected gardens that provide promenade paths, decorative water basins and children playgrounds.

The Residential Zone consists of 41 residential buildings, with heights varying between 5 and 9 floors, arranged in a loose hexagonal pattern and accessible via shared cylindrical junction nodes accommodating staircases and elevators. On the south end of the site, vertical accent is provided by three additional 25-level residential towers with community services housed on the ground floors

The architectural solution is contemporary, with sculptural volumes rendered in light nuances, predominant terraces and loggias, and important glazed surfaces that emphasize the view towards the garden areas.

The land allocated for development is approx. 70,000 sqm, of which about 70% is green space.