Property Management in Sema Parc

Sema Parc means more than just a project about what the future will look like. It also represents the current activity we carry out for companies that have rented office space or related destinations: logistics, small production, warehousing.

Currently, in addition to class A buildings, in Sema Parc over 80 companies operate in reconsolidated and modernized buildings, with operating permits, on a built area of almost 41 ha.

Office rented
27k sqm

Area rented
warehouses, platforms & retail
44k sqm

Current rented
80  %

Inner access
2,5  km


Localization & Accessibility

Streets and facilities

Lighting system

Water supply and sewerage

Electricity and gas supply

An important feature of the existing development in Sema Parc is the title of Industrial Park, which means additional benefits offered to tenants and residents.

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Available services

Property management:

  • Fire prevention and extinguishing
  • Sanitation services
  • Snow removal of access roads
  • Landscaping and care services for green spaces
  • Exterior lighting
  • Video monitoring of outdoor common areas (alleys, parking lots, etc.)
  • Interior cleaning
  • Mechanized loading / unloading
  • Communications (telephone (voice) and internet services)
  • Interior design
  • Security


  • Power supply
  • Water supply and sewerage
  • Natural gas supply

Customer service for companies in Sema Parc:

The following contact details are available for companies operating in Sema Parc:

For current situations, occurring from Monday to Friday between 08.00-17.00:

For special situations occurring outside office hours:

To send us a request or a complaint:

Licenses and Certifications

Water distribution and sewerage permit

License for electricity distribution

License for natural gas supply

TUV Certificate 2015 RO

License for electricity supply

Regulation of organization, functioning and development in the Sema Parc Industrial Parc

Information on video surveillance in Sema Parc