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Sema Parc is the largest urban reconversion project in the capital, designed as a mix of functions, which brings together the office segment with the residential and functions for leisure or cultural activities, and at the end of the project we will have a total of almost 1 million built square meters.



Logistic area

Designed on a portion of the site of the old Semanatoarea factory, this area offers to its tenants and future tenants all the facilities necessary for them to organize and carry out the commercial, office, storage and production activities. For more details about the logistic area, please acces the website by click.


Business area

The largest share is represented by the office segment with 54% of the total built (526,800 sqm) and offers to its tenants class A office buildings, located in a harmonious natural environment, equipped with all facilities. The shape, structure and layout of office buildings, ensures a generous offer, perfectly adapted to market requirements.


Residential area

This area represents 32% of the entire project (305,200 square meters) and will include over 1,200 apartments each with areas between 80 and 260 square meters, arranged in buildings with 4 and 5 levels. In the space near these homes will be concentrated service spaces, which will provide the necessary facilities: gyms, medical centers, law firms, maintenance clubs, parks, playgrounds, kindergarten and others.

Commercial area

Will be distinguished by an innovative format inspired by the modern "shopping village" in European capitals. The novelty lies in offering commercial space with ground floor and mezzanine, retail who wish to present different commercial formats. In the same area will be built entertainment center with multiplex cinema, restaurants, chic cafes and exhibition spaces. There will be seating areas and related services - outdoor and indoor.


Nu se mai livreaza cladiri, ci experiente, comunitati si locuri
Sectorul de real estate de maine este unul al "pachetului complet" - nu se mai livreaza cladiri, ci experiente, comunitati si locuri in care visezi si vrei
World Class to open new fitness center in Bucharest office
Bucharest, October 17th, 2019. River Development, the company that manages and develops Sema Parc real-estate project, announces a new lease contract with World Class Romania, the market
Avem in dezvoltare proiecte de 95 mil. euro.
River Development a dezvoltat pana acum Sema Parc, un complex de birouri si spatii industriale aflat pe platforma Semanatoarea de pe Splaiul Independentei din Bucuresti. River Development, dezvolta­to­rul