Why Sema Parc?

Mix of functions

The mix of functions, combined efficiently, offers the community the opportunity to rediscover pleasure at work, to relax in their free time and to live in an accessible area, with all the facilities in the immediate vicinity.

Excellent project location
The central-western location, in an active, youthful community, the access to the subway and other means of public transport, as well as the proven excellence in constructions are the elements that you will benefit from in Sema Parc.


Fast accessibility
Reduced distance from the center - about 10 minutes, with relatively light traffic through infrastructure improvements (Basarab Bridge, future penetration Iuliu Maniu Blvd. - Splaiul Independentei).

Neighborhood facilities

Within a radius of 2-2,5 km, there are several shopping centers: Carrefour Orhideea, AFI Palace, Cora Lujerului, Crangasi Market, Auchan.

Ample underground parking
The business park provides a sufficient number of parking spaces, located underground, which allows for the development of the above ground green areas.

Flexible and efficient Space Design

The office buildings have large open plan floors providing for an efficient division of the workspace.

Services complimentary to business activities
Central reception areas, maintenance areas for quick intervention, security and cleaning services, relaxation areas and coffee-shops.

Security, control access and intelligent security systems for building management
Starting with the underground area and up to the last floor of each building, each centimeter of the building is connected to an intelligent infrastructure communicating parameters regarding security, access and utilities control.

Modern architecture based on high aesthetic values
The area designated as the lobby for each building shall be designed as a vast elegant atrium space, with large glass enclosed areas.

Healthy way of living
Habitat favorable to creation and freedom of movement, comfort and reduction of time allocated to transport, essential aspects for a balance between professional and personal life.