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Bruxelles, Paris, Berlin and London & Oslo Office Buildings

Currently, in Sema Parc, two new class A office buildings are under construction, with a leasable area of over 31,500 sqm, with a completion deadline in the third quarter of 2021. In the last three years, Sema Parc has was involved in the development of three other class A office buildings with a total leasable area of over 38,000 sqm. The first two buildings (Bruxelles and Paris - with a cumulative area of 23,500 sqm) have already been completed, the third (Berlin - 14,817 sqm) being delivered recently, in Q3 2019.

Bruxelles Building - "courtyard" type, existing

→ 14,525 sqm built area, Class A offices 

→ 13,487 sqm leasable area

→ GF+1 floors

→ available area for rent: 2000 sqm, minim 750 sqm  

→ 225 parking

→ Tenants: Tribunalul Bucuresti Sectia a VI-a civila si a VII-a civila, Temenos Romania, PTC Eastern Europe, Geci Engineering, Gopet Romania, Trylon TSF, Simerom, Focus Development & Management, Asbis Romania, Global Customer Care.

→ BREEAM Certification

→ Finalized in 2017


Paris Building - delivered, "courtyard" type 

→ 10,832 sqm built area

→ 10,758 sqm total leasable area

→ GF+1 floors

→ available leasable area: 4.500 sqm, compartimentari: 989 sqm, 1221 sqm, 2883 sqm, 322 sqm. 

→ 2 elevators

→ 200 above-ground parking

→ Tenants: Studio Moderna, BTL ROMANIA, Diaverum Romania, CIT One.

→ BREEAM Excellent Certification

→ Delivered Q1 2018 (Shell and Core)


Berlin Building - delivered, "courtyard" type 

→ 15,802 sqm built area

→ 14,960 sqm total leasable area, suitable for 1,709 persons

→ GF+1+2 partial floor

→ available leasable area: 8.000 sqm, divided in:1450 sqm, 1700 sqm, 3100 sqm, 3400 sqm

→ 2 elevators

→ 250 above-ground parking

→ Undergoing the BREEAM Excellent assessment process

→ Delivered in Q3 2019 (Shell and Core) 


London - class A office building 

→ 23.124 sqm built area

→ 21.347 sqm total leasable area, suitable for 2.286 persons

→ 2B+GF+14F + 15 Technical Floor 

Leasable area per floor: 500 sqm; 700 sqm; 1.000 sqm; 2.000 sqm

→ 6 elevators

→ 669 parking spots (common with the office building Oslo) 

→ Undergoing the BREEAM Excellent assessment process

→ Estimated delivery in Q3 2021 (Shell and Core) 


Oslo - class A office building 

→ 10.904 mp built area

→ 10.177 sqm leasable area, suitable for 1.709 persons 

→ 2B+GF+5F

Leasable area per floor1304 sqm, 1745 sqm, 2019 sqm

→ 4 elevators

→ 669 parking spots (common with the office building Oslo) 

→ Undergoing the BREEAM Excellent assessment process

→ Estimated delivery in Q3 2021 (Shell and Core) 



Tina Virlan, Leasing Manager
+40 742 139 900




Berlin, Paris & Berlin and London&Oslo buildings are situated in the central-west area of Bucharest, on the current industrial platform of Sema Parc, in the heart of a youthful and animated community, near Regie Student Campus and the Polytechnic University. 

Petrache Poenaru metro station (former Semanatoarea) is situated on site. The project has easy access to all public transport means (metro M1, bus-601 and right rail- tram 41), with a fast connection to the main axis of the city, linking the main centers of interest Bucharest (Henri Coanda International Airport, Unirii and Piata Victoriei Square). The future Iuliu Maniu – Splaiul Independentei connection translates into reduced travel time for the employees.


The ideal location, the quality of the building and proven developer’s track record in constructions are the elements that you will benefit from in Sema Parc.


Facilities inside the park:
→  World Class Romania gym
→  Mega Image supermarket
→  Carpatic climbing room
→  Mihai Petre Dance Academy
→  Home Deco: THE HOME. 



Bruxelles, Paris and Berlin Buildings, part of Sema Office business park, provide a total leasable area of 33,200 sq m of class A offices, a unique courtyard building concept with high quality finishes, which encourages freedom of movement, communication within departments and further expansion of the teams. The business are suitable for businesses such as IT, BPO, Call Center, Research & Development, automotive, banking, professional services and pharma.


The architecture, structure and the location represent the perfectly adapted approach in line with current trends, in which the criteria for organizing the working space are harmonized with the unique vision and specifics of each company. 



→ Class A buildings, undergoing the BREEAM Excellent assessment process
→ Suspended cassette ceiling
→ LED lighting
→ Triple insulating glass with mobile windows, that ensure the natural ventilation of the spaces, if wanted
→ Raised technical floors
→ Efficient consumption through BMS
→ Aluminum joinery with thermal barrier, excellent soundproofing up to 52 dB
→ Interior courtyards
→ Generous floorplates, flexible partitioning
→ IT & C infrastructure in place, using the most advanced technologies
→ Innovative ventilation system with individual air control



The buildings are designed so they can be adapted to the needs of tenants and have maximum flexibility by using a ventilation system VRF from Mitsubishi, 3 pipes that works only on electricity, without gas, so without emission of harmful gases, heat recovery. It is a new and very flexible system that allows simultaneous intake of cold air and warm, so that, small areas of users to be able to adjust the temperature as they want, independent of the rest of the space. Unused heat is recovered and reused in the system.
The heat transfer coefficient of glass area is 1.1 which ensures good insulation.