Business Park



The logistic segment constitutes an efficient and attractive method for companies to organize and develop themselves, by the fact that they can benefit from the advantages of the infrastructure, the accessibility, the presence of utilities, the possibility of direct collaboration between the companies located within the complex and mostly from the decrease of the exploitation costs, due to the large number of services provided. Designed on a portion of the site of the Semanatoarea factory, Sema Parc offers to it’s tenants all the facilities necessary for them to  organize and carry out the commercial, office, storage and production activities. Designed on a portion of the site of the old Semanatoarea factory, this area offers to its tenants and future tenants all the facilities necessary for them to organize and carry out the commercial, office, storage and production activities. For more detail please acces the dedicated website by click. 

With excellent positioning, the business park Sema Parc offers to companies, class A office buildings located in a natural and balanced environment. The form, structure and location of the approach is perfectly adapted to current trends in which the standards in organizing the working spaces should be harmonized with the original vision and personality of each business. To this regard, the business park developing will include three types of buildings:

City Buildings 
Located street course along the Dambovita river provide excellent visual impact to the companies whose standards require the strong and dominant image.

Courtyard Buildings  
Positioned  next to the city buildings, courtyard-type buildings are designed in order to put in value the personalities of the companies that will have their headquarters here  while offering a balance through the functionality and elegance of the spaces.

Pavilion Buildings 
Located in the middle of the green area of the project, the construction is independent and / or interconnected, benefiting from underground parking and administration ITS own facility given to one or more companies that can rent space to such buildings.





Phase I of development
Phase I of the development of the business park consists of two Class A office buildings: Courtyard # 1 and City # 1. Designed with large openings on floors, this configuration creates multiple possibilities of configuration of the space, based on the needs and standards of your company. The two office buildings have been sold since 2006 Europolis investment fund for 100 million euros, the biggest transaction of the year. Completion ofvconstruction took place in December 2008. Tenants: Z
Intermediate Phase of development
Sema Parc projectstarted with the delivery assembly building Office 1 in January 2009, and will continue to Office 3 and Office 4. Office 3 and 4 are 42,000 square meters.
Phase II of development
Project Office 2 is a result of the entire development of the Sema Parc masterplan and will generate approximately 66,000 sqm at level ground and 36,000 sqm built underground having it’s end, thus, along with Office 1 (50,000 sqm), the first stage of the Sema Parc business park, respectively 116,000 sqm of office space.The second phase of development consists in the construction of four office buildings, designed with large openings on floors, which creates multiple configuration possibi
The Tower
The tower will be one of the most impressive buildings in Bucharest and will measure approximately 140 m high along the 42 floors. It is a building with a large base whose footprint measures about 2,000 square meters ground and which thins gradually to a section of about 1,000 sqm in the upper floors. If architecture and size are the first elements that draw attention to the tower, the composing is even more interesting. It is a mix of four functions vertically combined. The commercial area